Galina Ulanova and Ekaterina Maximova

Successfully just bawled my eyes out for an entire episode of Switched at Birth. Literally from start to finish. 

I can’t even 


Prismatic World Tour in Newark - 07.11
  • Half of Switched At Birth Fandom: curls up in fetal position and bawls eyes out.
  • Other half of fandom: Flips tables and starts throwing ish.

We’re moving house this Saturday and it is literally so stressful. My dad works away and doesn’t get home tomorrow and we called him to tell him we are going to hire a removalist because he has a bad back and mum has just had surgery and he lost it. None of my family can help us move and I thought I was doing the right thing by hiring someone to help but now he won’t answer my calls and I don’t know what to do.